As shared in prior messages, repetitive exercises are the secret to recovery in neurological disorders. In many diseases such as stroke (paralysis / lakwa), Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, and even rheumatoid arthritis (gathiya etc.), regaining hand function and hand grip is a special challenge.

Hand grip, finger grip, finger strength are extremely important for daily activities such as holding a cup, drinking water, eating, dressing, writing etc.

In today’s post, I will share with you some exercises you can do at home. These exercises are good for children and adults.

You can use the CLAY used for school (Rs. 25-30) at a stationary store or buy more expensive but better TheraPutty (Rs. 400-500) – I’ve seen available at Amazon. These are soft materials and provide gentle resistance to help increase strength for your hand. Ideally, you should do these under the supervision of your therapist.

Look at the two videos for the below eight exercises.

Remember, the secret to recovery is REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION.

Exercise 1: Finger Scissors

Roll your putty into a ball and squeeze it between your fingers.

Exercise 2: Fingertip Pinch

Take your rolled up putty and pinch it using your thumb and fingertips.

Exercise 3: Power Grip

Grab your putty and squeeze all your fingers into it.

Exercise 4: Flat Pinch

Use your straightened fingers to pinch the putty down into your thumb.

Exercise 5: Finger Spread Take your putty, stretch it out, and wrap it around two fingers to form a donut shape. Then spread your fingers apart.

Exercise 6: Finger Extension Take your putty and stretch it out. Then bend one of your fingers to make a hook and wrap the putty around the back of your finger. Once you’re set up, straighten your finger using the putty as resistance.

Exercise 7: Full Finger Spread Take the putty, stretch it out, and wrap it around your hand in a donut shape while keeping your fingers together. Then spread your fingers out to stretch the putty out.

Exercise 8: Full Grip Take the putty and form it into a ball and squeeze down, pressing your fingers into your palm.

Keep moving….

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