To get stronger after a stroke, a very important decision is to focus on recovery rather than compensation.

Compensation means you are focusing on the strong side of your body. If your paralysis is on the right side, you are using your left side to do most of the work such as brushing, combing, getting dressed, eating etc. This means you are ignoring the paralysed side of your body and just trying your best to get on with life using the other side. This will not lead to improvement on your paralysed side but it will just make your strong side stronger and your paralysed side even weaker every day.

Focusing on recovery means you are working hard to make improvement on the paralysed side. Your minimizing the use of the strong side and you are focusing on getting your paralyzed side better. This is much harder and full of struggle. But this will lead to improvement on your paralysed side.

So, no matter how hard, make the best effort to use the paralysed side of your body. Even if you are not able to move, just thinking about moving it brings about positive changes on the brain.

It’s is extremely important to get proper exercises for your stroke recovery under the guidance of a trained professional.

Keep moving…

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