There is a common myth that the adult human does not change in adulthood. All the learning and connections have taken place before 20 years of age and after that there is only decline.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

There is evidence beyond doubt in modern science that adult human brain can and does learn new movement and new patterns of behavior. This phenomenon is called Neuroplasticity – let’s call it rewiring and renewal of brain cell connections.

This is the your secret to recovery from stroke (paralysis) and other neurological disorders.

Neuroplasticity tells us that even if an area of your brain has been damaged, you can learn to make new connections in the nearby areas of the brain so that you can learn to move the affected arm and leg again as well as improve your speech and memory again.


There are no drugs to cause neuroplasticity in brain. But you can create new and useful connections in your brain cells through your BEHAVIOR and ACTION. These connections will help you recover from your leg and arm weakness.

Behavior – Think positively. Think that I can move my arm and leg again.

Action – Key to success is repetition, repetition, repetition. The more times you exercise your affected body part, the better it will get. So repetitive, intense exercises are the key to your recovery.


Technology such as robotics, and brain stimulation help you form new connections in your brain cells. Therefore, they help in your recovery from stroke and other neurological disorders.

Keep Moving..

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