What is Robotic Rehabilitation?

Robotic rehabilitation is a method of movement training that utilizes computer-based programs to promote hand and arm movements.

This technology is useful in a variety of conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Spinal Cord Injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy etc.

Why is Robotic Rehabilitation Better?

Robotic rehabilitation is superior to traditional physiotherapy because it promotes better Neuroplasticity or recovery of the brain function. Using a variety of interactive games and repetitive movements, the technology-enabled rehab promotes rewiring of the damaged areas of the brain that is called Neuroplasticity. This enables functional recovery of the function of hand and arm.

Robotic rehab provides the following benefits:

  • Intensity – greater intensity of rehab
  • Repetitive – many more repetitions than manual therapy
  • Consistent – consistency in moving specific muscled and joints
  • Adaptive – adaptive as the patient’s clinical status progresses
  • Mind engagement – this is the most important benefit. Through interactive computer programs, the patient is able to fully engage in the rehabilitation action which promotes recovery of the brain.


  1. Specialized robot for hand exercises including passive, active and resistive modes.
  2. Customized training with interactive games
    • Provide custamizable repetitive training and enchance user motivation using various interactive and engaging games such as catching rain drops, flying a helicopter etc.
  3. Restoration of fine motor hand function
    • Fine movement of hands such as holding a glass, turning the key are particularly difficult to recover. Our equipment provides a focused improvement of fine motor movements of hand.
  4. Assessment reports
    • Assessment reports enable user to review the performance in term of passive, active range, strength, and game performance.






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