Strength & Movement Therapy

For patients with a variety of neuromuscular disorders, we incorporate MOVEMENT AND STRENGTH THERAPY. This therapy includes both an ARM TRAINER and a LEG TRAINER. 

Additionally, in this therapy, we provide Right-Left Symmetry Training. This is especially helpful in gait training. 

We also utilize “SPASM DETECTION” technology for patients who have spasticity or tightness of muscles. In the case of spasm, the trainer automatically works on relieving the spasm. This helps avoid damage to the muscles. 

Servo Cycling

The MOTOmed ServoCycling feature supports your active training, similar to a power bicycle or the power steering on a vehicle. Only minimal muscle strength is required to engage in active training. You can maintain and build up residual muscle strength in a gentle way.

Active / passive detection

This intelligent active / passive recognition feature of the MOTOmed optimizes the motor assistance to suit your individual needs. If the user is pedaling (actively) by himself this assistance stays inactive. As soon as the user slows down or stops pedaling, the MOTOmed recognizes this change in activity and the motor support is activated again.

The advantage of the active/passive combination

As soon as your muscle fatigue during active cycling, the motor automatically takes over the movement. In the passive mode, the muscles are relaxed which improves the circulation of blood and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Most of the time, active training can continue with new energy after just a few minutes of passive movement and relaxing. Thus, longer training sessions are accomplished and better therapy success can be achieved.

Symmetry Training

The MOTOmed symmetry function presents the activity of each individual leg when “pushing”. With the real time biofeedback display the user can continuously correct the input and target the “weak” side.

Relearning the movement pattern

One-sided deficiencies such as hemiplegia can be treated specifically. The direct feedback from the big color display and the consistent repetitive training supports the relearning of movement patterns and can lead to speed up in recovery and therapy success.

MovementProtector and SpasmControl

There are two safety functions of the MOTOmed that facilitate a regular and safe movement therapy, particularly to those patients with spastic paralysis: MOTOmed MovementProtector and SpasmControl

MOTOmed MovementProtector

In case of spasticity, muscle cramping or any sort of movement blockage, the MOTOmed MovementProtector will stop the pedal movement. Special characteristic about this safety feature: The MovementProtector does not remain in a constant mode but adjusts to the changing muscle tension. Therefore, it is always optimally sensitive.

MOTOmed SpasmControl

The SpasmControl with the automatic change in cycling direction helps loosening spasms according to the following therapeutic principle: A bending spasm is relieved by stretching, while a stretching spasm is eased by bending. The motor stops the pedal movement. Legs and arms are relieved and the direction of rotation is switched after a brief resting period. This process is repeated until the cramping is eased.

Training Analysis

The training data analysis will motivate you to engage in a regular MOTOmed movement. You can view all the important training values (e.g. symmetry, performance, speed, distance and time) during the entire training session on the MOTOmed color display.






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