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A4 CLINICS is committed to helping patients in this time of national & global crisis due to novel Corona virus pandemic.
We are launching A4 Tele Clinics so that patients can receive consultation & care from doctors via Video or Phone.

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Our Vision is to reduce the burden of “unnecessary
disability’ from neurological disorders.
Our Mission is to restore the full physical and mental
potential for patients with neurological disorders.
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Virtual rehab for neurological &
psychiatric conditions
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Smart glove for best
hand and fingers recovery
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Robotic rehabilitation for best
upper extremity recovery
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Advanced Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre

Robotic Treatments With Neuro Rehabilitation

Based in Indore & Bhopal

A4 Clinics is a chain of clinics that provides advanced technology-enabled rehabilitation for patients with BRAIN DISEASES. This is the brain-child of Dr. Abha Agrawal, MD, FACP, FACHE (USA). Our goal is to provide maximum functional recovery for patients by providing best rehabilitation therapy and to reduce the burden of “unnecessary” disability in India. 

A4 translates into 4 As – Advanced, Affordable, Accessible and Adaptive to patient’s needs. 

We provide advanced equipment & technology including:

  • Robotic rehabilitation for upper extremity
  • Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
  • Virtual rehab based on interactive games
  • Computerized balance & coordination therap

Dr. Abha Agrawal - Special Chat on UCN Cable TV.

The Economic Times interviews Dr. Abha Agrawal in Healthcare Leaders series

We provide state-of-the-art robotic neuro
rehabilitation Treatments including brain stimulation For
Neuromuscular & Psychiatric Disorders

your symptoms may not fit these disease categories. We will be happy to discuss your symptoms and problems with you.

Our Treatment Techniques

Robotic Rehabilitation (1)

Robotic Rehabilitation

Robotic Rehab enables better recovery of patients than traditional physiotherapy


Smart Robotic Glove

 Clinically proven Smart Robotic Glove maximizes arm and hand use through interactive computer programs
brain with circle

Brain Stimulation

 Non-invasive brain stimulation to promote brain function recovery
Gait (Walk) Training (1)

Walk Training

 Body-weight supported Treadmill Training System to enable walk / gait training
Smart Brain Program (1)

Smart Brain Program

Computerized cognitive therapy to improve learning, memory and analytic skills.

Smart Digital Peg Board

 Digital pegboard using visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training.

Strength & Movement Therapy

 German award winning machine with digital intelligence to improve strength & movement and reduce spasticity

Balance & Coordination Therapy

 Interactive computer programs and devices to improve balance & coordination and reduce falls






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