Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is most often due to road traffic accidents. It may also be due to brain tumors, brain hemorrhage.

Patients may or may not need brain surgery. 

While some patients recover after the brain injury, many patients have long-term symptoms such as altered mental status, physical symptoms, memory issues, weakness / paralysis in extremities and speech problems.

How do we treat patients with Brain Injury?

A comprehensive rehabilitation program is critical to successful recovery of patients with brain injury and re-integration into society / community. The program includes:

  • Physical therapy, including advanced therapies to build physical strength, coordination, and flexibility. 
  • Brain stimulation, for patients to improve cognitive / thinking and to facilitate motor learning. 
  • Speech therapy, to help you to with speech and other communication skills and treat swallowing disorders.
  • Cognitive therapy, to improve your memory, attention, perception, learning, planning, and judgment.
  • Psychological counseling, to help you learn coping skills, work on relationships, and improve your emotional well-being.
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