World Stroke Day was observed on October 29th 2018. On this day, I share with you some important facts and information that would be helpful to you and your family.

1. Stroke, also called Paralysis or Lakwa is a very common disease. It is the commonest cause of disability world-wide. In India alone, at least 18 lakh people every year suffer from a paralytic attack. Stroke affects old AND young people, men AND women.

2. The most common symptom is the paralysis of one side of the body. Other symptoms are slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, memory issues, balance issues.

3. Stroke is caused by the blockage of the blood circulation (blood clot) or bleeding (brain hemorrhage) on one side of the brain leading to damage in the brain. Right side brain damage caused left side paralysis and vice versa. 4. The BEST thing is PREVENTION of stroke by controlling risk factors such as BP, blood sugar, cholesterol, stress levels and physical activity. Most important, know and control your BP. It should be below 140/90.

5. Many people don’t get their BP checked regularly and have silent hypertension. Silent hypertension is a major cause of stroke. Get your BP checked every 6 months if you are healthy and at least every 3 months if you have a history of hypertension. 6. Daily walking is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. Walk 30 minutes a day at least 4-5 times a week.

7. EARLY RECOGNITION is the key to better treatment of stroke. If someone is having symptoms of stroke, take them to a hospital immediately without delay.

8. Know FAST: Facial asymmetry, Arm weakness, Slurred Speech, Time saving – if someone is having these symptoms, they may have stroke. Save time and take them to a hospital immediately. 9. First 3-6 months are the GOLDEN PERIOD for recovery. If someone gets a stroke, they should enroll in a good intense rehab program as soon as possible. New technologies such as robotic rehabilitation, brain stimulation enable better stroke recovery. 10. Family support and friends are very useful in positive recovery of a stroke patient.

11. POSITIVE THINKING and positive mental attitude facilitates stroke recovery.

Your health is in your hands. Stay healthy. Stay positive. Get regular checkups.

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