Brain Stimulation - tDCS

A4 Clinics is Central India’s first non-invasive brain stimulation center. We provide tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation). 

tDCS Featured in Major International Publications

tDCS or Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation is a non-invasive (superficial) brain stimulation. It is peformed in an outpatient setting. NO MEDICATIONS, PAINLESS, NO SIDE EFFECTS.

tDCS is used for many conditions mainly:

– Depression
– Anxiety
– Schizophrenia
– Stroke (paralysis)
– Parkinson’s
– Learning difficulties
– Memory problems
– Dementia / Alzheimer’s
– Fibromyagia
– Migraine – Chronic headache
– Chronic neuropathic pain

We do 20 minute sessions per day. THREE STEPS:
Step 1: Relax in a chair. Step 2: Our therapist will put saline-soaked sponges on the head and start the session. The placement of sponges is determined according to international standards (10-20 standards). See picture below. Step 3: 20 minutes later, sponges are removed.
Again – no pain, no side effects. You will remain totally relaxed.
Most patients need 25 sessions spread over one month.
Each session is 20 minutes long.
You need <30 min per day commitment.
As repeated, it is very safe. Most patients experience nothing during the session. Some people will feel slight tingling in the scalp and a transient headache.
tDCS works by promoting NEUROPLASTICITY.
In many conditions, the neurons (brain cells) and their connections in the brain get damaged or are underactive. Neuroplasticity is the process of repair and regeneration of brain cells and connections. tDCS facilitates NEUROPLASTICITY by promoting gentle stimulation of brain cells.
tDCS is extremely safe. Besides some of the minor side effects such as scalp tingling or itching or transient headache, it is safe and pain-free. Numerous scientific article cite the safety of tDCS. See this article below.






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